Technical data

Studio198 beautiful and lightweight wall panels are constructed from high quality sheets of
aluminium, selected for its environmental qualities, smooth finish, light weight and
rigidity. We have two types of aluminium to choose from, standard 1mm thickness and
aluminium dibond (two sheets compressed together) with a 3mm thickness. The high UV resistance and finish of the panels gives excellent stability within -30 to +55C whilst also being waterproof. Each panel can be cut, drilled, screwed and bent to the desired specifications, without the need of specialized equipment, making them easy to install and a suitable choice for many environments and spaces.

  • Pure Aluminium – 1mm thickness
  • Aluminium Composite – 3mm thickness
  • Approximate weight – 4kg / sqm
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof

Installation Process

We always recommend using skilled labor when installing our panels for health and safety.
Each Panel is delivered pre cut to the specified dimensions provided by the client. Additional cuts, scoring and drilling can easily be made if necessary for installation.
Small cuts can be made to the panel using a scoring knife. Score through the top layer of the surface (roughly 0.1mm / 10% of the thickness) with the blade. The section can be snapped off leaving a clean finish.
Large cuts can be made using a vertical panel saw or standard table saw. Cuts must be made from the back of the panel, ensuring a clean finish to the front.
Drilling can be made using any standard drilling tool.
Before installation, make sure the surface of the panel is clean, dry and that the surface is flat. Panels can be can easily be secured using CT1 or Liquid Nails Polyurethane Construction Adhesive.
Spread the adhesive evenly across the entire panel surface using a clean spatula. Gently place the panel against the wall, applying pressure evenly. The panel may require additional support until the adhesive sets, securing it into place.

Studio198 – Wallcoverings Cleaning Process

Do NOT use any abrasives or scouring pads to clean the epoxy resin countertops, these
include certain all-purpose cleaners such as Soft Scrub and Comet. Using abrasive cleaners
or scouring pads will dull the surface of the panels and may damage the quality of the
surface. General non abrasive cleaners such as Cif and Viakal are suitable.
During daily use, be sure to wipe up spills and leaks immediately. We recommend using a
chamois cloth as they are extra soft and absorbent however, a soft cloth or towel should
suffice. Mild dish soap, Crystal Simple Green, and most non-abrasive household cleaners
are the recommended choice for daily cleaning.
To maintain the quality, shine and finish, wax the panels once a year using a fine grit rubbing
compound such as 3M.

Studio198 – Technical

Aluminium Composite:

  • Aluminium Composite thickness 3mm
  • Maximum size of one sheet (white base): 1950 x 3000 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 4 kg/ Sqm
  • Temperature Resistant : -30C to +55C

Pure Aluminium

  • Maximum size is 1220 x300
  • Weight : Approximately 2 kg
  • Temperature Resistant : -30C to +55C